Add your Bar

Please note this website is solely used to advertise GoGo bars and Coyote bars. If you have another style of bar for sale please see our Bars for Sale website. If you are enquiring about a gogo bar for sale please use the contact form on that bars page.

If it IS an Agogo you wish to add please use the form below.

If you wish to add your gogo bar for sale to this website our prices are as follows

Initial Inclusion – 3000 Baht
On Sale – 4% of sale price

The 5% is obviously only levied if we are the introducers of the purchaser. The initial 3000 Baht is then deducted from the final amount due.

If you have a gogo bar for sale in Pattaya, or any other area in Thailand for that matter, there are several good reasons to consider using this site.

  1. The Pattaya-Addicts forum has over 100,000 members. Many of whom are always interested in bars and gogo bars if the price is right.
  2. We have several people we can contact quickly although it should be said these tend to be rather choosy.
  3. We believe our pricing is very competitive. A very small initial fee with commission rates much lower than you will find with other agents.

If you wish to make use of the site – please see our Add your Bar page.

If you have a bar for sale that is not an agogo (or coyote) bar please use our general Bars for Sale website.